40th Year (28 years in Arizona)
Updated 1/3/2019  2:07 PM MST

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

We had an awesome year.  We just sent a checks to Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation
totaling $3067.34.  Because of the funds matching program, the effective size of the donation
exceeds $6000. That's a lot of healing help for our kids.

We also set a record this year by giving away over 15,000 candy canes.

We can't tell you how much we appreciate your continued support and look forward to doing it all again next year.

From our family to yours we want to wish you all a very Happy  and Healthy New Year!!

Merry Christmas 2019,

           Frank & Dianne
2019 Display Hours: November 24, 2019 until January 1, 2020. Open nightly until 11:00PM
and giving away candy canes to the kids until 9 PM. Snowmaking now every day on the 1/2 hour until 10:00 PM


Puzzles are still available for a $5 donation to PCH.  Please send us an E-mail. Or call (602)421-4671


Please continue your support so that all children are able to enjoy the holidays.  100% of the proceeds collected
are sent directly to the hospital.  While we appreciate your candy cane donations we ask you to continue your
support all year by donating to a great organization dedicated to healing children of all ages.


 Click here to check out our other Christmas display features   and how to build mountain snowflakes                                                                              

OPERATES NIGHTLY UNTIL 11:00 PM (weather permitting)

Interactive operation

The train will start if you flash your high beams at Santa.
If you want to park your car, you may press the red button on the PCH donation flyer box.
The train will make 1 revolution around the track and stop in the same place.  
Press the button or flash your high beams again for another revolution.
When the train stops, you are welcome to a candy cane from the candy cane car.
When sensors detect more candy canes are needed, the train will stop momentarily in front of the loader
      (unless the loader is empty).  A yellow light will flash during loading.  When finished, the train will proceed
      to its normal stopping point.
Clap your hands to start Santa Singing and Dancing.
Push the buttons to start and stop the pop-up boxes.  While the Pop-ups are active, Dancing Santa will not operate
Tune to 97.9 FM on your vehicle's radio to hear the mountain show.

Candy Cane donations are always welcome.  All money donations are matched (up to $500) and sent
to Phoenix Children's Hospital to benefit the children in our community.

                           Thanks for visiting and don't forget to e-mail us your comments.